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Friday, 29 November 2019

Golden Bird Chicken

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: This visit was made by our Senior Fried Chicken Correspondent Rachel Skipor, all photos (except the one above) belong to her. She lives in New York City but does have a connection to the family through a son who is currently uninvolved with the restaurant. This piece was created without their knowledge.]

Cruising by on Western Avenue, whether the bright yellow sign and building are reflecting the sun or aglow at night, Golden Bird Chicken will set itself apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Currently under the care of Cecil McNab and his family, the restaurant has been handed down with pride from the original owner who opened in 1953. The entire family has had their hands involved in some way, creating an atmosphere of both pride and joy.

The classic charm of the original business still floats through the air along with the scents from the fryer. Even before that, collard greens grow along the edge of the building, a sign of both the care and the mission of providing the most flavorful, home-cooked experience.

A wall of endless soda options welcomes each guest from classic to crazy. Hopefully you will find Nydia behind the counter ready to take your order with a warm, welcoming, and contagious smile. The menu caters to any craving from sweet to salty to savory. Everything is made from scratch with carefully selected ingredients, evident when you touch, smell, and taste the food.

The creamy candied yams, each hand-mashed and never coming near a can, and sweet potato waffle are the perfect treats to accompany a meal.

The shining star of course is right in the name, the perfect golden fry of each piece of fried chicken. The skin has a crunch that contrasts well with with the juicy tender meat inside. And of course because Los Angeles is currently in a love affair with hot chicken, that is a available too upon request.

Hot chicken available upon request.

In the mood for a feast? Be sure to sample the salmon croquettes and chicken sausage as well. Like most everything else, they are handmade in the store. Sides do not disappoint either, especially the warm pillowy biscuits.

Before leaving be sure to grab some dessert, also handcrafted in house, a few of which have well-guarded recipes such as the BTS cake and banana pudding. It is hard to make the wrong choice.

Golden Bird Chicken is not just soul food, it is a soulful experience.

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