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Tuesday 11 December 2018

[CLOSED] The Golden Owl


UPDATE MARCH 2019: The Golden Owl has closed at this location. While it will not happen immediately, they will try to continue somewhere in the future. An updated version of this article (30 November 2023) is available as part of the Historical section of our Substack page. Check that out here:

Once upon a time I drove out to La Puente to find the Golden Owl, which lives in the middle of a residential neighborhood and is like finding a pot of gold where you are not supposed to. The menu proclaims "Burmese Fusion" but the only thing that seems to be fused with Burmese food is some vegetarian options you might not always see. This is traditional cooking though, and very good.

When I came here it was late morning but I was still in the mood for breakfast. One item that Burmese people are always eating for their first meal is ohno kaukswe (below), a coconut curry noodle made with chicken. This place specializes in home cooking and this might be your quickest way to experience that. The other noodle dishes on the front page of the menu all look great for a follow-up visit.

I also could not pass up a bowl of laphet thoke (below), Myanmar's famous fermented tea leaf salad, pound for pound the most tastes and textures in one dish out there.

There is not much room for many people here, but the dishes are served so fast and the atmosphere so friendly that it almost goes unnoticed. It is as if the owner set up three tables in their own kitchen and welcomed neighbors inside.


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