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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Vientiane Thai Laos Restaurant

📍 10262 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, Orange County
🅿️ Ample parking in plaza.
🥤 Bottled beer available.
After the first visit to Vientiane Restaurant in Garden Grove, the question was asked: "Is this the best restaurant in the Southland?" And by Southland, obviously that pretty much means the entire country. But more importantly, is this the best restaurant in the entire world? Every dish ordered was jaw-droppingly delicious. If there were a time for hyperbole, it is after a meal here.

The restaurant is very relaxed, as is the service. If most of the tables are full, expect a little extra time as the staff and kitchen catch up. A lot of comments online criticize this aspect of the place, but it is completely unnecessary. Grab a $2.95 beer and relax. This is not West Hollywood.

Papaya salad.

The ingredients and preparation seem perfect, simple and fresh as you find in Laos and on the whole even better. If you were the type to make lists, Vientiane would find its way to the top of them. Any patron looking to get an introduction to Lao cuisine should start out with the Lao-style papaya salad (above) and the larb minced beef salad (below).

Nam kao tod, crispy fried rice with sour fermented sausage.

Lao-style deep-fried beef jerky marinated in lemongrass.

Kao poon, a curry noodle soup here with chicken.

In Laos, rice is almost always sticky rice, eaten by hand.

A full range of bottled beer, including Beer Lao and Beer Lao Dark.


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