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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Thành Mỹ Restaurant


Thành Mỹ Restaurant has always been the type of place that for whatever reason you end up at when your group has no one suggesting an idea firmly enough. You know it will always be up to the highest standards, is great for big groups as well as small, serves plenty of beer, and is open very late. You may have already eaten dinner some hours ago, but this place is still calling for a big late night bowl.

Come to this 40 year old restaurant during the day or early evening and it might be close to empty. It seems to find its legs as the night rolls on, as everyone knows the kitchen goes strong well after midnight. The menu is expansive, but some things are better than others and if you come here for the first time take your cues from the other tables and order beautiful bowls of bún, rice vermicelli noodles served cold with the toppings of your choice.

They translate chả giò here as imperial rolls, and indeed a bowl of bún chả giò ($7.50, above) does seem regal. The famous deep fried spring rolls filled with ground pork are some of the best on Bolsa Avenue, and in addition to the other ingredients everything is just about fresh and perfect. The consistency at Thành Mỹ Restaurant is worthy of praise, they never seem to have an off night.

Shy folks that love their nước mắm pha will be happy with the portion served alongside each bowl, as it gives you the ability to drown everything. Some places are quite stingy with a small bowl of the fish sauce-based condiment that is both sweet with sugar and sour with lime as well as having components of savory and salty. It shines with rolls but perhaps is no better companion than with a well made bowl of bún.

Cuts of grilled pork in the bún heo nướng ($7.50, above) are also just right. It is a wonder that they can use decent meats when the prices remain fairly consistent over the years, but they never seem to be plagued by the random order of lower quality cuts.

Also of interest here is the deconstructed bowl of bún chả Hà Nội ($9.95, not shown), served in its component parts and ready to be assembled in fresh lettuce wraps with extra greens. This dish is named for and originated in the northern capital but remains popular throughout the country and even here in Orange County where you are much more likely to see the flag of South Vietnam still flying.


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