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Monday 18 November 2019

Rosy's Tamales

๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ Mร‰XICO (Nayarit)

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The Mexican state of Nayarit is no stranger to Los Angeles, with many families claiming roots there and the coastal cuisine living large in the lives of many Angelenos. This usually consists of plates of freshly prepared mariscos, unique ceviches, and the awe-inspiring pescado zarandeado, but a tiny little Pacoima joint has been hawking the tamales of Nayarit for around ten years.

"Estilo Nayarit" is actually quite easy to miss on the sign, especially while flying by on wide Glenoaks Blvd. With the holidays approaching, there will be many feelings about tamales to go around, but for those without stacks of them made at home, Rosy's is a unique find to enjoy the recipes that trace their origin to the owner's hometown of Zacualpan.

Even coming in from the blazing summer sun, there is an enjoyment to eating a tamal with a cup of hot champurrado ($1.50, not shown), always available here at Rosy's. What can be less easy to find are the chicken tamales, the stars of the show, which are frequently sold out. Fresh batches are prepared throughout the morning (Rosy's closes at 13:00) though, so if your timing is not perfect on the first visit, just try again another day.

Start with the tamal de pollo en salsa verde ($2), which they have covered with a handwritten "HOT" notice on their board. The sauce is green because of an ample use of jalapeรฑos, and is always made fresh.

Not as spicy but almost just as tasty are the pollo en salsa roja ($2) and puerco ($2), which also uses a red sauce. The chicken version is stuffed with some vegetables as well. On various visits, the savory tamal that has been untried is the one made with cheese and no meat, surely a delicious options for vegetarians.

Also meatless and catering to the sweeter side are the tamal de piรฑa ($2) and tamal de elote ($2), a sweet corn version that balances between sweet and savory.

Regardless of your holiday traditions, there is bound to be something of interest for you at this tiny tamal shop in Pacoima, if not at this time of year than at any.

PACOIMA San Fernando Valley
10981 Glenoaks Blvd

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