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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Steel Pan Pizza

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COVID-19 UPDATE: As of this visit on January 3rd, the Rodeo 39 Public Market where Steel Pan Pizza is located is still providing outdoor tables and chairs and people are using them. The market is large enough to feel safe going in to order, grabbing your food to go, and leaving if that is your preference (like mine).

Detroit-style pizza proves that the pizza emoji is not all-inclusive. In fact, it does not even begin to describe the experience of eating Detroit-style pizza. Humanity has a long way to go with such narrow-minded emoji options.
This new spot that opened up along with the recently renovated Rodeo 39 Public Market gets its name from the history of this style of pizza. The origins go back to cooking in industrial trays that were meant for other uses and had nothing to do with pizza, creating this unique shape and thickness.

Cheese is used not just on top, but also underneath and on the edges, giving the crust a crispy and slightly burnt feel. Inside, the middle is still chewy and soft.
The cuppy 'roni ($10.50, above and below) pie is a good place to start. Each pie is the same size, a square that is cut into four quadrants. The thin pepperoni cups catch a bit less grease than their thicker counterparts on that hate-filled pizza from New York, but as a whole this pie is fantastic.

Steel Pan uses good ingredients for everything they prepare, including the Caesar salad and fries that are slightly visible above and make a good addition for rounding out a meal.
While it just appears to be a fresh arugula pie, the Steel Pan style pizza ($12.50, below) is actually an overload of ingredients. Beneath that blanket of greens and Parmesan are grilled chicken and applewood smoke bacon as well as mushrooms. This pie uses a white sauce rather than red.


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