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Saturday 27 March 2021


ITALY ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

COVID-19 UPDATE: The pinseria has limited indoor dining according to code and a pleasant covered patio overlooking 3rd Street. Takeout and pickup is limited to pinsa only.

You will see WeHo on their logo and such, but they are not quite there. If we defined West Hollywood by the borders of those businesses (and people) that claim to be in it, it might extend all the way to the 101 in some cases. The good news is that both people who care about that sort of thing and those who do not will be interested in what is happening in the kitchen of Oste regardless of the exact geography.

And what is pinsa? The biggest difference with this Roman-style flatbread is the dough, which takes 72 hours to rise due to its usage of more water and less salt than standard pizza dough. This gives it a light and fluffy texture, which is scorched for a very short time at very high heat.

Go in for a closer look to get a better sense of the fluffy crust that distinguishes a pinsa from a pizza. All those differences also lead to the benefit of not feeling bloated and heavy afterwards as well, or so they say.

Some past pinsa experiences were all with lighter than usual toppings, letting the dough be the star of every bite, but here they pile things high and make sure both are important.

The xxtra pepperoni lovers ($25, above) is certainly a party of cups, some scorched around the rim and others underneath barely cooked. San Marzano tomato sauce and mozzarella are generously applied below, while sprinkles of parmesan and chili oil top it all. Add the $3 upgrade for Calabrian chilies. This must be the most popular since its price has risen a good $5 or $6 since ordered a couple weeks ago.

The patate ($18, below) does not use mozzarella or tomato sauce, opting instead for a bit of raclette. Garlic oil, black pepper, and rosemary finish off the bite, and sausage is a recommended addition for $4.


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