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Wednesday 3 March 2021

Shucos L.A


COVID-19 UPDATE: There are a few tables in the backyard for eating. The grill and stand are just down the driveway of a private home and orders can also be placed for takeout. They will bring your order to your car if you prefer curbside pickup.

The private home where Shucos L.A lives is far enough from Broadway that you might not ever find yourself walking nearby, but if you were the smells of carne asada and longaniza on the grill would certainly pull you inside. A blue vertical banner with the name and Guatemalan flag on it waves in front of the home, while music and conversations from the back gently make their way to the street, letting you know you came to the right place.

Shucos are often referred to as Guatemalan hot dogs, but this does not come close to telling the whole story. At a vendor in that country, the options are not just salchicha, but also carne asada and longaniza for sure, sometimes ham and bacon, and the toppings are colorful and plentiful as well.

At this backyard business in South Central that just recently celebrated their one year anniversary, the sounds from the busy 110 freeway mix with music and laughter. They do the three classic versions of the sandwich but also offer a shuco mixto ($8, above), which combines all three. On a first visit, this order seemed to be a no-brainer, a chance to enjoy all the meats you see and smell on the grill.

It may not seem like it, but much of the enjoyment comes from the toasting of the bun. On the grill you can get some nice char and really good crisp. They also grill up a nice mild pepper with each order that can be consumed as desired. The biggest difference between most hot dogs is that they will chop up the salchicha. If you order all three like the one above, they all mingle on top of a bed of guacamole and then are smothered with cabbage, cilantro, onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. A proper con todo.

Be careful with your usage of the word shuco or shuca when you are in Guatemala. Call someone by that word and you might find yourself with a fist in your face as the word there is slang for dirty and definitely not a nice thing.

You can also get all of those same options on a thick handmade Guatemalan-style tortilla, an antojito that is called a mixta. And yes, you can get the mixta mixta if you want all three meats on there. Another option that comes in threes is a plate of their tostadas ($5, above left), crisp tortillas topped separately with tomato salsa, guacamole, and black beans. Classic.

Orders like that or of chuchitos ($2 each, above) seem to have come about more recently as word has spread about the popup and they have started using the kitchen inside. Unlike their Mexican cousin the tamal, chuchitos are served undressed from their corn husk wrapper and topped with salsa, cilantro, and a sprinkling of grated cheese.

If you are eating at one of their tables, you can grab a bottle of Picamรกs, possibly the country's favorite salsa and put it over any of your items. This seems to be the move of choice for many chuchito eaters, and a little spice never hurts a masa and meat combination.

Also worthy of an order are garnachas ($7, above), which come as five thick little tortillas topped with shredded beef, salsa, cilantro, and grated cheese. These are served with a portion of pickled vegetables and cabbage to enjoy them with. It is an antojito that is shared with their neighbor to the east Belize, but you will find them all throughout Guatemala where friends enjoy pairing them with plenty of beers.

Check for the most up to date hours on their Instagram page first, but for now the operation is taking place only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays each week.


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