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Friday 1 October 2021

Tacos Juรกrez Estilo Tijuana

Mร‰XICO ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ
The stand in operation at 54th & Main

COVID-19 UPDATE: The outdoor stand is mostly takeaway and operating as normal. All staff are wearing masks. There are three tables for eating tacos immediately.

Unfortunately the good folks at this evening taco stand gave themselves a name when opening, not allowing "Car Wash Taquerรญa" to ever come to be. When that small business at the corner of 54th and Main Street in South Park closes up in late afternoons, the taqueros of Tacos Juรกrez Estilo Tijuana set up, get their charcoal grill fired up, and start sending smoke and the wonderful aromas of Tijuana-style carne asada and chorizo into the Los Angeles evenings.

About two years old now, the stand has really started hitting its stride. Compared to visits in 2020, the meats are cooked just about perfectly now and the salsas are on par with the best. Their handmade tortillas are also wonderful; thick, pillowy beds for all the components of a delicious taco to rest on. They make a tremendous difference when ordering a plate of tacos, but also mulitas and big, folded quesadillas.

Chiles toreados just put on the grill

Some customers seem to find their way here after not having patience for the queue at Tacos Los Poblanos, but this stand also seems to be gathering a following organically via word of mouth and good care. They also offer a meat or two more for the off chance you are not in the mood for the chorizo and asada on any given night.

But do start with the meats you see on the grill of course. Get a couple tacos ($2 each, below) of both charcoal-grilled meats and make sure to get them loaded with everything when asked. Tijuana-style vendors like to load all the toppings and salsas for you, and you should never stop them.

Tacos de asada y chorizo

The chorizo here has been on point since the beginning but the asada is now following suit as well, full of smoky char from the grill and bursting with flavor. The red salsa they throw on underneath the salsa de aguacate is ready to heat up each bite, just squeeze on a little lime to finish each taco off.

In between meats being grilled, you might also see big green chiles being kissed by the flames. These are gifts from the taqueros on plates ordered with multiple tacos, not too hot, and can be eaten along with the radishes in between bites. A couple pots are also around with grilled onions and cabeza (below, center). Besides this, the stand also does al pastor tacos (no trompo) and pollo.

Tacos de asada, cabeza, y chorizo

If you would like to mix your meats (TJ-style asada and chorizo almost begs for it!), you can do it with tacos for an extra quarter, but the best way might be with the burrito. The big flour tortillas are not made at the stand, but they select a good one and toast it up nicely on the grill, frying in a layer of cheese if you want.

A burrito con queso ($7.50, below) has just the right amount of rice and beans, letting the meats play the starring role. A hefty portion of both chorizo and asada are inside the tight wrap, which you can also have salsas put in by the taqueros if you plan to eat immediately.

Burrito con queso, chorizo, carne asada

Try it with their delicious salsa de molcajete, a roasted tomato and pepper salsa that adds even more smoky, earthy flavors to your bites. A future visit will have to try one of those good looking quesadillas seen ordered by other customers and another good way to get that salsa over everything.

Any updates will of course be posted here.

๐Ÿ“ 110 W. 54th Street, South Park, South Los Angeles


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