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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Al-Amir Bakery

Auto Center Drive facade

COVID-19 UPDATE: The bakery is fully open and has tables inside for dining.

๐Ÿ“ 426 Auto Center Drive, Claremont, Pomona Valley

It is no secret that the best Middle Eastern-style baked goods in the Southland are located in the general area in and around Little Arabia, centered on Brookhurst Street in Anaheim. Thankfully for residents of the Pomona Valley and nearby neighborhoods in western San Bernardino County, one of the most popular bakeries from Little Arabia decided to open a second location far from the 20 year old original back in 2013. This reduced commuting times for people in the area to get stocked with freshly baked manakish.

At the very edge of Los Angeles County, you could actually walk here comfortably from the county line, but its strip mall home is probably more car friendly. And to be fair, the stack of manakish you will want to take home most likely will need a good chunk of your trunk space.

Restaurant interior

When you walk into the bakery, which opens up quite early daily, you will see a menu above the counter that focuses almost exclusively on this Lebanese and Levantine treat. An oven looms large and hot with orders constantly going in and out. Everything is made and cooked fresh, so plan for twenty minutes if you stop by without calling in.

The manakish in this order were all taken to go, the bakery is conveniently located just off the 10 and great for pickups before heading eastward out of Los Angeles if that is your home. Takeout flat breads are folded over twice before packing, which makes them much less photogenic than if enjoyed at the table, but know that when still eaten hot and fresh they are a joy unmatched by anywhere remotely close.

Lahm-bajeen manakish
Lahm-bajeen manakish ($5.50)

Makhlout (zaatar and cheese) manakish
Makhlout (zaatar and cheese) manakish ($5.50)

Sojouk manakish
Sojouk manakish ($6.99)

People that do not eat meat, and even those that do, will be absolutely thrilled by the zaatar and cheese manakish, while the lahm-bajeen and sojouk are essential orders for carnivores. The former is topped with diced lamb, tomatoes and onions, and full of smoky goodness.

While the manakish are still delicious later when their warmth has left, it would be smarter to order just enough as you and your group can eat because when hot out of the oven these are treasure. It is when biting into the steaming dough that the crown above the door, a reference to the princely name of the bakery, makes a lot of sense.


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