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Monday 8 August 2022

Chorizo El Chino

McFadden Avenue facade

๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ Mร‰XICO
๐Ÿ…ฟ️ Ample parking in plaza
๐Ÿฅค No Alcohol, all business is takeout

If you pull into the lot of this busy corner shopping center on a Sunday mid-afternoon, it feels less like a place for parking cars and more like a community plaza. Men have come here to enjoy some drinks and each other's company on their day off. Surrounded by stores that sell convenience goods and alcohol, auto parts, hardware, tortillas, and places to take care of your money transfers, the plaza offers a place to get just about all the weekend chores and shopping done, and even a haircut.

The newest business on the premises is a bit of an outlier, offering homemade chorizo based on the family's 1892 recipe. Opening at the end of this past winter, the steady flow of summer customers who already seem to know what they want shows that they have already amassed plenty of regulars. The small shop only has a few products on offer, but these are specialties and you will not be disappointed.

Refrigerated case with chorizo, salsas, and other products

The refrigerated case that grabs your attention after walking in shows off the four different types of chorizo they make: original, spicy, habanero, and chorizo verde. Links of each cost $10, but are quite big and take two lengths of the case. They can cut these down to smaller pieces, and those shown below on the grill are only a quarter of the length of each.

The original is plenty to satisfy all your chorizo dreams, but buying some of each is fun. The spicy link is indeed quite hot, and as you can imagine the habanero is even more so. The verde throws some different spices and flavors in the mix, but still brings plenty of heat. Throwing them on the grill and grabbing some tortillas from your favorite tortillerรญa is a guaranteed good evening with friends.

Four kinds of chorizo on the grill

Each bite of the chorizo is really something like experiencing those 130 years of history, they are filled with love and just taste homemade. Chopping them up with a little onion and cilantro and throwing everything on one of those tortillas is just about as good as life gets.

If you really want to supercharge the heat of your night, add some of the homemade salsas to your order at Chorizo El Chino. They have some chips and samples of all five that they make on the counter for each customer to try, and this is basically like the dealer giving little tastes to teenagers. Exactly 0% of people will be able to leave the shop without purchasing at least one of these $5 containers.

Samples of all five homemade salsa

Chicharrรณn and salsas

The salsa roja de aceite and salsa de habanero verde were favorites on the first round and taken home, both providing blistering heat and necessitating very careful usage. The green especially is filled with the most fiery of peppers and was suited to be cut with some type of crema before using with the store's homemade chicharrรณn snacks (above) or on chorizo.

They also have barrels full of pickled chicharrรณn and pickled pig's feet ready to be purchased by weight. The half pound of chicharrรณn that came home was delicious with the special salsa roja ($2) they make for it and the pig's feet. Also available are spicy treats from Cositaspicosas like these chamoy and Tajin-covered Skittles ($7, below), a fun snack.

Spicy Skittles

With plenty more chorizo left after the night of grilling, future meals started to be imagined like the breakfast scramble below. If you usually add plenty of salt, pepper, and hot sauce to your eggs, be prepared to skip all of those as the chorizo does all the work and bursts with flavor and spice into the rest of the dish.

The friends that the chorizo and salsas were shared with already started making plans to get down to Santa Ana and make big purchases themselves, a testament to the brilliance of that 1892 recipe. Do not make the mistake of asking for half links if you do travel from far to get there, buy plenty and freeze it for future grill nights and other meal ideas.

Scrambled eggs made with chorizo


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