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Tuesday, 11 December 2018



When staying in the South Bay city of Gardena, eating some Japanese is a must. The community survived the WWII internment regime and repopulated this area that had seen immigration start back in the 1900's. Today, nondescript and unflashy Japanese restaurants are everywhere here, making it the go-to destination for Japanese-Americans with good, traditional meals available from breakfast to late-night slurps.

Hidden in the back corner of the mostly-Japanese business-occupied Pacific Square Shopping Center, Fukagawa serves four similar bento-style breakfasts in the morning hours and nothing else. At these hours it is very quiet and mostly patronized by Japanese who come alone or in pairs. Until 2014, the US census cited the City of Gardena as the place with the highest percentage of Japanese-Americans in California. A large selection of Japanese alcohols and a happy hour mean this place is crowded with tables of salarymen in the evening.

Go for option D (above), which includes everything. Fried mackerel, dashimaki egg, natto, miso soup, and rice.

A bowl of "fresh" natto.

Fried mackerel.


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