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Thursday, 20 December 2018

In-N-Out Burger

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Replica of original 1948 location in Baldwin Park.

For those that grow up in the west, and especially California, In-N-Out Burger is important but an afterthought. You either go or you don't, you love it or don't give it much thought. There are other burger chains, burger stands, there are other burgers.

But a type of magic is happening at In-N-Out Burger that is timeless, and it should at least be sampled by everyone so the debate is entered with proper knowledge. That's right, it's for the research. There are plenty of off-menu "hidden" items, but from experience the double cheeseburger is all that's necessary.

They are not as ubiquitous as other chains, and perhaps this is part of their beauty, making them that much less accessible in the daily lives of many. If you are going to make the point to visit though, why not start right at the source in Baldwin Park? While the original 1948 hut that started it all has long been demolished by the creation of the 10, a replica has been built just north of the freeway.

The working restaurant is just on the other side of the 10, grab your food and bring it here to eat in the car. The parking lot is open only from 11:00-14:00 Thursday through Sunday, so time it right so you can get out, turn on the black and white filter on your phone, and learn some of the history of In-N-Out Burger.

(and many many other locations)

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