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Thursday 20 December 2018

Lincoln Heights Corn Man

๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ Mร‰XICO

EDITOR'S NOTE: An updated version of this article (06 December 2023) is available as part of the Historical section of our Substack page. Check that out here:
After a lot of 2015 hype that admittedly came to the rest of us about three centuries after the neighbors, I was ecstatic to finally receive my dressed up elote. So much so in fact that I admired it and devoured it, and completely forgot to take a photo. Those were the days before Instagram (for me) and before living in Los Angeles, documenting each dish did not happen with such frequency.

But being here on Workman Street and getting in line with everyone else was a joy. On that October night, late in the evening temperatures were still above 30 celsius as the city was experiencing a heat wave. But in the line it was complete joy, everyone full of excitement and not worried about the 30+ minute wait for their prize.

The Corn Man, Timoteo Flor de Nopal, is now doing catering, so make sure to have him at your wedding or bar mitzvah. Elotes and esquites vendors are all over the place, but there is something special about Timoteo.


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