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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Jaliz Cuisine of East Africa


I first came to Van Nuys for Ugandan food when I was still a New Yorker. I randomly searched for some foods we did not have while on trips to Los Angeles, and came across Jaliz by chance. Because it seemed to have a profile online, I was a little baffled when we arrived at what seemed to be a simple home.

Making fresh chapati.

We live in an amazing world. On a residential street of Van Nuys, there is a somewhat secret, or at least hidden, chef from Uganda offering her skills to East Africans in the area. Everyone missing those tastes from back home seems to know about it.

Two orders, each one comes with chapati and sides.

The backyard is full of random couches and tables, pick your favorite and enjoy a little taste of East Africa. Since it was our first time, she promised us a little bit of everything, and delivered on that 100%.

The menu will be different each day, so show up with an open mind and let the chef take you where she wants. On this day there were two different meat stews, which each came out with an entire heaping plate of sides and chapati.

Better than even the food here was the experience. Being welcomed into someone's home and receiving such a beautiful meal all while East African life in the area swirled around was one of the highlights of a trip. It will be nice to live closer and stop in once in a while to see what's new.




  1. This is the only place close to home, and every time I get refreshed by the environment and the calture.

  2. Can't wait to get back! If you know of anything else similar please let us know.