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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Tacos Tamix


[UPDATE OCTOBER 2020: Removed "Highly Recommended" tag from Tacos Tamix, based on subpar visits over the past year or so. Will reassess in 2021 if necessary.]
While nearby Leo's Tacos Truck is absolutely mobbed on a nightly basis, smart money is also on the impressive taquitos al pastor ($1.50 each, below) of Tacos Tamix, which for the first half dozen times it was sampled was a small stand (see photo at bottom). Now one of their trucks has parked at this Mid-City spot.

With the new digs has come an expanded menu including fajitas and alambres, and a much brighter beacon that seems to grab the attention of more people passing by on Pico. They take perfect care of their trompo here, traffic is high enough to keep the flames nice and hot, and Tamix grabs its own devoted following.

They also make cheesy gringas and mulitas, don't be shy. This group now has four permanent spots, the others are in Pico-Union, the Wholesale District in south DTLA, and Culver City.

On a recent visit to the new truck, the quesotacos ($1.75, below right), which are sprinkled with unmelted cheese surprisingly. This method does not work as well as when it is melted unfortunately, so stick to the classics.

The old stand in 2015!


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