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Saturday 8 December 2018

[CLOSED] Hunan Mao Restaurant 湖南毛家菜

🇨🇳 CHINA (Hunan)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This restaurant is permanently closed:
[UPDATE 2019: The ownership has recently changed and there have been reports of quality deminishing. If you visit and can report, please let us know in the comment. You might see that it is called Mao Jia]

In the former home of a Malaysian restaurant called Ruben's Kitchen, Hunan Mao Restaurant has been open for about five years now and already seems to be a neighborhood mainstay.

A good course of attack here is to concentrate on many of the items in the chef's specials list, of which all are fiery Hunan classics. A nice lists of beers are available to help with cooling efforts.

Mao's braised pork with garlic.

As is well known and a source of pride in the province, Chairman Mao was from Hunan and many of the dishes take his name including the absolute must above.

Smoked Hunan ham with string beans.

Stir-fried pork grind with hot pepper.

Hunan foods offer plenty of vegetable dishes that are thoroughly satisfying, allowing diners to eat a big meal without the extra heaviness of an all-meat feast.

Toss-fried potato with green pepper.

Check out our Instagram to see this wonderfully fresh fish get deboned.

Steamed Hunan-style spicy fresh fish.

Sauteed green cabbage.

Toss-fried cucumber with purple mint.


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