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Monday 13 January 2020

Lynda Sandwich


EDITOR'S NOTE: An updated version of this article (05 January 2024) is available as part of the Historical section of our Substack page. Check that out here:
If you have ever spent time in Vietnam, one of many vivid memories is the smell of fresh breads early in the morning. Banh mi vendors set up their carts before the sun comes up, stacking loaves of French-style baguettes in front of their work stations, ready to be carved up and stuffed with meats, pickled vegetables, condiments, and spicy peppers.

The early morning nature of this sandwich should be taken into account when searching for the right banh mi shop. To be honest, any place that waits to open for lunch and promises a good sandwich is probably lying. The Beach Blvd shopping plaza that Lynda Sandwich lives in actually has two early opening banh mi places, but skip the chain behemoth and stop in here for your sandwich and coffee.

While the coffee is not served dripping but is still strong and does its duty, the bread is magnificent. An ultra-thin and crisp exterior layer gives way to the soft and fluffy insides. The mark of a good bread is sometimes how messy your lap looks when you finish a few bites, the flaky crust should be crumbling everywhere. Make sure to take a seat at their nicely shaded and cool outdoor tables rather than try to eat this in your car.

The dac biet/Lynda special (not pictured) will set you back the princely sum of $4.25, an incredible deal just like most in Orange County. "Dac biet" is seen on menus across the Vietnamese food spectrum and basically translates as they have here: Daily special. Here at Lynda that means a layer of pork pรขtรฉ, thin slices of Vietnamese pork roll, and grilled chicken.

The thit nuong/grilled pork ($4, above) substitutes chicken for the red-edged slices of pork seen in the sandwich here, but keeps the rest. These meats are joined by a mayo full of garlic and a lot of white pepper hiding somewhere. Pickled carrots and daikon bring crunch and sweetness, while fresh cucumber and cilantro add a cooling element. It is all kind of just right in taste and texture.

The display full of desserts is always hard to pass up as well, with cups like this coconut jelly. While dense, it is still light and airy and not an assault of sugar.

15380 Beach Blvd

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