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Monday 12 April 2021

Tacos Naomi

๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ Mร‰XICO
 (Stand sets up along 10th Avenue, east side of The Market by Superior parking lot)
๐Ÿ…ฟ️ Ample parking in plaza
๐Ÿ’ฒ Cash Only
๐Ÿฅค No Alcohol

Tacos Naomi has five locations around the city, including three in the Valley and another at Obama and La Brea. That last one and the one featured in this article are in front of Superior grocery stores, but it is only this location in Mid City that makes handmade tortillas and warranted a visit to start exploring the franchise. And then quite a few more visits after having some really delicious tacos al pastor.

On the occasion of a slower night, marinated pork from the trompo and other meats cooked on their charcoal grill spend a bit too much time in steam table compartments, so do your best to pick a time that should be busy. During higher turnover times the smoke from that grill will be sending the wonderful scents of chorizo, carne asada, and chicken all around the parking lot, and better yet your tacos are going to wow.

Tacos al pastor.

The taquero who minds the trompo is very good at what he does, keeping the spinning meat perfectly seared and ready to slice into their freshly made tortillas. Tacos (above) are all $2 each and made with a single tortilla, which holds up well even with their generous portions of meat and salsas. He is also in charge of making other tacos and burritos, but remains friendly and is also a showman when the mood is right.

The salsas they make are plentiful, they usually have two of both red and green salsas, a hot and mild version of each that are all tasty, as well as freshly made guacamole to throw on since this is TJ-style. Each customer will be asked individually, so step up and let him know exactly how you like your toppings and your dreams will come true.

Burritos ($8 with cheese griddled into the tortilla, above, $7 without) are made with packaged flour tortillas, but the quality of the wrapper is still very good. Ask for a campechano to get a lovely combination of two of the meats you will see on the grill: carne asada and chorizo. Both are full of smoke and flavor and cooked perfectly by the crew who will also add up your bill at the end.

You can get these made to your liking as well, with or without rice and beans, and packed securely in that tortilla with all the salsa and guacamole you may or may not desire. If other antojitos strike your fancy on a particular evening, they also do cheesy items like mulitas and gringas.


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