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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Yoma Myanmar


The Shan specialties at Yoma Myanmar bring us back again and again. Before living in Los Angeles, it was a part of almost every visit to the city. The Los Angeles area is blessed with quite a few Burmese restaurants, but so far this is our favorite.

With roots in colonial times when many folks from the subcontinent were working in what is now Myanmar, there are many items that share ancestry with Indian foods, like samusas (above). Like most dishes though, there are unique twists that make the cuisine all its own. Also of Indian descent but not as interesting here is the pae paratha (not pictured).

Shan-style tofu salad (below) is made from yellow chickpea flour, a unique taste ubiquitous in Myanmar. The version here is almost swimming in their lovely sauce mixture.

The laphet thoke (below) is extremely on point here, so lovers of the fermented tea leaf salad dish will not be disappointed. All the right elements of different tastes and textures are there, and the chili peppers on the side make it easy to spice up if that is your preference.

The group here at the restaurant is from Shan State, so don't miss the Shan noodles (below). In addition to the ingredients seen here, it is usually served with a small bowl of chicken broth and can be turned into a more soup-like dish if desired. I usually prefer it dry, but either choice is fine.

Especially perfect for breakfast, the fish noodle soup known as mohinga (below) is also done very well here. The little condiment tray that comes with it should be used liberally, as the soup cries out for squeezes of lime, dashes of cilantro, and plenty of dried red pepper to spice it up.

Fried catfish.

Complimentary coconut dessert.


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