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Saturday, 8 December 2018

La Super-Rica Taqueria


I, like many before and many after, stopped into La Super-Rica on the way back from wine country, before enjoying some of the evening events in town. I do not know if I belong firmly in the "reactionary anti-La Super Rica contingent" as Jonathan Gold called it, but probably just shrug away the feelings of others on both sides.

But since this visit took place as tourists, we got off the 101 on our way back from wine tasting and settled into what was at least enjoyable. Most notable visually is the chile relleno de verduras estilo Chiapas (above). The poblano pepper stuffed with vegetables is thinly breaded and fried, then drowned in sauces and crema.

I am not sure what exactly the answer to why things here are not shining stars is, but it may just be a general level of simplification for the the people eating here. Yes, these folks look hungry, but they have neither the cravings missing from their childhood of abuela's cooking or those of their birthplace.

We avoided the rajas tacos, which like most of the rest of the menu comes with handfuls of melted cheese, but did give into the Super-Rica Especial (above), which is marinated pork somewhere between enchilada and al pastor roasted with peppers and smothered in cheese. Use their salsas and pico de gallo to enhance the flavors as necessary. The Frijol Super-Rica (below) is not beany or bacon-y enough to fulfill its promise.

The place is fun for sure. Grab bottles of beer and relax in a space that will almost certainly have formidable weather. The walls are painted light blue and despite the bustle is pretty comfortable once you find a seat.


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